Why I created this site for?
I would like to show photos through the countries of the earth.
Each country has its own charm and beauty.
Take care of the Earth and even our grandchildren can see these beautiful landscapes.
The Earth gives us home, we were born here, we die here.
Have to be careful with all our strength, all our love have to worry about it!
I ask you, people, protect, Felts, love this Earth!

2014. július 28., hétfő

Cotswolds, England


Mount Taranaki volcano Egmont New Zealand

The road through the wilderness of Australia

waterfall at Karijini National Park, Australia

Sturgis, South Dakota, USA

Austrian Alps


Cars, Disney full plane, Alaska, USA

Canada, Vancouver

2014. július 23., szerda

Knysna - George train over the Kaaimans River bridge

Buddhist temples Korean

Busan dozens of Buddhist temples can be visited, where you can admire the Korean church architecture in which no nails were used.

The Bözödi lake flooded the village seem to be the only temple ruins, Rumania


Ayutthaya Thailand

Rome, Vatican Museums

Ronda, Spain

Royal forests in England

Antananarivo, Madagascar

Andringitra Rockface, Madagascar


2014. július 21., hétfő




Zájezdy Nikaragua

Lima Peru

Panama Canal

Panama Canal

PANAMA Monumento a Balboa