Why I created this site for?
I would like to show photos through the countries of the earth.
Each country has its own charm and beauty.
Take care of the Earth and even our grandchildren can see these beautiful landscapes.
The Earth gives us home, we were born here, we die here.
Have to be careful with all our strength, all our love have to worry about it!
I ask you, people, protect, Felts, love this Earth!

2015. február 15., vasárnap

Fairy Bridge, China

Xianren Bridge ("Fairy Bridge") is the world's largest natural arch by a wide margin. Carved of limestone karst, the formation bridges Buliu River in northern Guangxi Province, China. Because of its remote location, accessible only by a three-hour rafting trip, it was not discovered until recently and remains relatively obscure. An expedition in October 2010 by the Natural Arch and Bridge Society first measured the bridge's span and found it to be 400 ± 15 feet (121.9 ± 4.6 m) in length

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